100% Soybean salad oil which has been refined, bleached and deodorized in a continuous and totally integrated process which begins with crushing the soybeans and processing the oil under vacuum to produce a salad oil with clarity of color, blandness, purity and uniformity.

Consumer And Food Service Packaging Options
16 oz.
24 oz.
40 oz.
48 oz.
96 oz.
1 gal. square
1 gal. F-style
17.5 lb.
35 lbs.
55 gallons


Appearance @ Room Temperature Clear and Brilliant
Lovibond Color Red, max. 1.5
Free Fatty Acid o/o max. 0.04
Flavor Bland
Peroxide Value Meq. max. 1.0
Iodine Value 125-140
Cold Tst, hrs. min. 5.5+
Fatty Acid Composition %
Palmitic 10.5
Stearic 4.2
Oleic 22.4
Linoleic 54.5
Linolenic 8.3