A fully refined, bleached and deodorized oil from rapessed variety. It is 100% natural liquid with good cold test properties and stability. Canola Oil is the Lowest in saturated fat content of all vegetable oils, contributing to the reduction of cholesterol levels, aiding in the prevention of heart disease.

Consumer And Food Service Packaging Options
16 oz.
24 oz.
40 oz.
48 oz.
96 oz.
1 gal. square
1 gal. F-style
17.5 lb.
35 lbs.
55 gallons


Appearance @ Room Temperature Clear and Brilliant
Color 1.5R I 15Y max
Free Fatty Acid % max. 0.05
Flavor Bland
Peroxide Value Meq. max. 1.0
Iodine Value 120
A.O.M. Stability, hrs. min. 18
Fat Content
Saturates 8%
Monounsaturates 59%
Polyunsaturates 33%